Participate in Research

 There are many ways that Alphas of all ages and all phenotypes (ZZ, MS, MZ, SS, SZ, etc) can help to advance research and improve the quality of life for Alphas now and in the future. Some studies may be as simple as a self administered questionnaire or participating in a focus group. Others may be a one-time or periodic visits to a physician, or participation in a clinical trial for new therapy. Your participation in research can make a long-lasting impact on the life of Alphas.

The participation by Alphas in research studies and clinical trials is vital to the approval process for new treatments and, eventually, a cure for Alpha-1.

See our Clinical Trials page for details of past and present trials available for participation by Australian residents. 


 The AAA has produced an information booklet which contains more detail about A1AD, and a poster for raising awareness. You can access the booklet and poster by clicking on the images below. The poster may be printed locally in A3 or A4 size. Please encourage your family doctor or respiratory physician to put a poster on display in the surgery or patient waiting area! For more information about A1AD, see our Links section.