Surgical Options

Organ Transplantation of the Lung or Liver

Lung/liver transplantation is becoming a viable option for some patients. As experience with new surgical techniques increases (particularly single-lung transplantation), lung transplantation may become more attractive to Alpha-1 patients with end-stage lung disease. Also, living-related liver transplantation is an option at some transplant facilities.

Transplantation is only for patients with end-stage lung or liver disease, which means that they are resistant to more conservative therapies (such as treating symptoms or augmentation therapy). Patients must have extensive damage in the lungs or liver to warrant this surgical option.

Transplant Links

Transplant Recipients International Organisation (TRIO)
Transplantation and organ donation information and resources for transplant candidates, recipients, donors, and their families.

United Network for Organ Sharing
The UNOS Organ Center is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to facilitate organ sharing among transplant centers, organ procurement organisations and histocompatibility laboratories across the U.S.

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 The AAA has produced an information booklet which contains more detail about A1AD, and a poster for raising awareness. You can access the booklet and poster by clicking on the images below. The poster may be printed locally in A3 or A4 size. Please encourage your family doctor or respiratory physician to put a poster on display in the surgery or patient waiting area! For more information about A1AD, see our Links section.